Every breakup is an opportunity

No, I am certainly not going to offer relationship advise. And no way am I going to tread down the ‘How to get over your ex!’ sermon. Breakups happen in the corporate, political and the world of colluding biggies as well.

What happens when one of the richest men on the planet gets jailed? You get to know that he has run out of favours and favouritism. You also know that ‘that someone who was watching’ has decided to act. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, Chairman of International investment firm Kingdom Holding’s stakes in Twitter, Apple and Citigroup could not help him escape graft charges and a swift transfer to jail in Saudi.

This is just one of the incidents. The Saudi’s have detained 19 high and mighty people on corruption charges. This triggered a series of investigations so much so that UAE’s Central banks and finance companies have sought details on the informations of these citizens. And no I am not triggering any rumours here. Reuters has reported so!

After Qataris, Yemenis, Syrians, Lybians, Iranians, UAE has shut business with some of the biggest names in the Middle East. When the thriving economic centre of the Middle East shuts its transactions with its own brotherhood and ‘hamsaya mumalik’ as Pakistanis would say, it presents an opportunity for the Indian real estate sector.

Yeah! I see that grin. As Europe, America and other developed countries will start pulling out; as some already have; from the Middle East before Capital Controls are implemented, the number one real estate investor community of Dubai has to look elsewhere. A nosedive situation.

They must be desperate to bail out. This is not going to be a first mover advantage but a faster-mover advantage situation.

You wait, and you add dead-weight to an already burgeoning financial jitteriness. I almost can smell that anticipation. Not all opportunities come knocking to the door. Some have to be sought. Some have to be negotiated well to bring to the counter.

Did I mention, Emirates Business Class ticket to Dubai is for just $1000!

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