October 2016

International Property Showcase – Opportunity or Desperation

It was heartening to learn that 35 international real estate developers will be showcasing their residential, commercial, retail, hotel and leisure projects at IREX this weekend. The interesting thing to

Impact of DMIC on Housing Projects – Greater Noida

The advent of civilisation is accredited to the moment when Homo sapiens decided to give up wandering in quest of food and arrived at a settlement to settle down. This

Will the banks transfer interest rate cut benefits to customers, and how soon!

Happy. That should sum up the recent move by the RBI to cut 25 basis points. It may not amount to much in monetary terms, but what matters is the

Demand for job reservations reverberating across several parts of India

Jobs! Suddenly, everyone seems to want one. With the economy not generating enough jobs despite the GDP growing at a healthy clip of at over 7 per cent annually, trouble

Crude oil prices should get everyone’s eyeballs now

Indian government’s elbow room may get reduced dramatically if prices keep inching up Global crude oil prices have already breeched the $45 per barrel figure in September 2016. Not a

Global funds get cold feet in participating in India’s disinvestment

Green is making the government’s ambitious plans to sell its family silver see red! Global Funds, under pressure from its investors, want companies to adhere to green standards. The move by